Glorious Goodwood and more…

Well the weekend started we’ll with me managing to pick two winners and a second place at the races on Friday….I have a very scientific system…I go on the name!  If it works don’t knock it.  Not talking big stakes here….might fund a couple of forays into charity shops for vintage fabric to make more boxes.

Anyway, I digress, got home to find an email from the Embroiderers Guild asking me to exhibit at the Knit and Stitch! Very flattered, excited , chuffed, and a bit  well I don’t know really….can’t quite believe it! I await my official invitation from Twisted Thread!

Still  trying to work on my “Art Cubes” started to make some related to artists I like and about art in general as it’s my passion.  Being inspired by fashion designer Bella Freud. Really like all her Ginsberg is god  logos.  Mixing it up and using free machining to construct cubes……1 down not sure how many to go!