It’s never easy …


(no, not being green)………..trying to do anything with a 5 year old and six year old in tow. After several weeks stressing over my book for designer crafts show (starting on the 8th january at the mall galleries.. I will be there on the 17th!) please go!

IMG_1793 I have one picture in the ’25’ exhibition…should be good! …I finally destroyed my original piece and remade it into another book form but one that was more appealing, better and easier to display. Also I love it!
Never happy with first one ..saw it as a stepping stone. Obviously I want it to sell cos I’ve run out of cartridge paper and need more supplies….. but it won’t be disastrous if it doesn’t cos it looks rather lovely in its gorg perspex frame…sure I can find a home for it…..IMG_1911 Anyhoo after getting that all right and several weeks stressing over how to get it there…der…

imagethat’s the way to do it.. off we all toddle to the 5 year old sleepover guest and the 6 year old permanent resident…fill out the DHL forms….no mean feat when you’ve forgotten your glasses and are trying to keep the 5 year  old and 6 year old in sight lines…reminiscent of herding cats…end up buying several other small items as said 5 year old and 6 year old keep looking at me with bambi eyes…we are now the proud owners of a sound machine..actually it’s quite appealing more so then the numerous soft toys that were waved under my nose, felt pens  and a rather nice set of false moustaches..yes Glastonbury Girl, (GG) your daughter just told me she had to have them!!! Please! …meanwhile the woman behind the counter is not particularly impressed by chaos being caused at half eight in their otherwise quiet shop…anyway parcel’s the receipt not putting in photo as keep losing the blog!

then so does the 6 year old …..straight down the flight of stairs clutching his laughing machine and me down after him… I manage to wrench my shoulder trying not to follow and also stopping him from rolling down the whole flipping lot…5 year  old not involved thank goodness! Honest GG!

Emergency first aid
Emergency first aid

Anyway we are now home and breakfasted and patched up. Parcel has gone! Hooray! Just hope it gets displayed! Meanwhile I still haven’t managed to get my machines to A and E ….the place POrtsmouth is open on Monday again. We went down at the start of the hols…6 year old and 11 year old going on 23 in tow via Southsea beach, the Tenth Hole,  Fabricland and Next ( for that essential dad Christmas hat purchase) so we all had a nice day out..despite the machine mender being shut…….
Other good news…my essay is in – I managed to decipher the intricacies of the electronic university hand in process.. not easy ..and afraid not on my own, am bezzie mates with all the staff on the chi uni help desk.. well at least I help keep them busy…oh and then I had to resubmit as I hadn’t referenced all my images….

……other than that I fed nine for Christmas, am making sample materials to make my sample garments with

image and am panicking a lot about all that I haven’t done.

Also I now am the proud owner of

imageThank you Santa x

…and I have been to Harry Potter what the flip is all that about? Sorry just do not get!image…dressed the 6 year old as minion so easier not to loose….

23year old and minion in the very reasonably (not) priced cafe alongside the very reasonably (not!!!) priced gift shop
23year old and minion in the very reasonably (not) priced cafe alongside the very reasonably (not!!!) priced gift shop

PS Sarah sorry this wasn’t last night I got in to my stitching! x

PSS oh and I’ve paid my car tax but not my uni fees ..yet!

PSSS and I have eaten my body weight in chocolate and cheese….xx

PSSSS mad Canadian has given me fab new iPad cover! Feel v v posh!



This is is not the iPad cover..but it could be!