You’re never too old to learn

Just found out at the age of 37 and three quarters and a big bit ….( if your going to fib make it a good one)  that I am hyper mobile. Also, I do not,  I was told 12 years ago have foot drop, my peroneus longus muscle does not work which is why I fall over all the time. Strangely,  since I have found out exactly why I fall over, I haven’t fallen over once……funny that.


Da Vinci anyone?
Da Vinci anyone?


So it’s all about change!!!! And talking of change, I have just joined the third year of the Fine Art Degree at Chichester University.  My first two days have been great.  The journey there on Monday was quite daunting.  Lots of questions  and conversations going on in my head.  I really want to grab this opportunity with both hands and grow my work.  Scary stuff! But change is always scary.

Apols for underlining don’t know how I did that!

'Eye on the Ball'
‘Eye on the Ball’

I get my own studio space and everything….  today I hung ‘ eye on the ball ‘     A rather small piece of work on a rather large bit of wall…… try to motivate me.  The idea being  that someone is looking at me so I’d better get a move on!


Still spending lots of time sorting out what I need to make, mainly to sell.   Will give all the details in next blog! Am including this featured piece ( not quite sure how I did that either). Rather a lot has happened today and it seemed to be apt.  It will be for sale at the Knitting and Stitching Show along with all my other worldly goods and chattels if I am ever going to cover my flights, petrol and accommodation costs!

Finally…..just got results from Winchester and I got a distinction.  To say that I am really rather pleased about that is a bit of an understatement.  ‘Nuff said.