Panic* on the streets of Petersfield or thank goodness for Frida*

No blog for a bit as have been panicking! *The reason for the panic was all the stuff I needed to get ready for open studios, Petersfield Arts and Crafts and People of the Heath Exhibition. (Also been trying to negotiate a way back to uni and fit in visit to the Embroiderers’  Guild in my role as Education Scholar to discuss plans for  getting more stitch in to schools..all looking very exciting!!  More info in next blog! ** Frida (as in Khalo) is my sat nav who gets me from A to B….. I am now a sat nav believer…I used to be very sceptical but am now a convert!!! (With a little bit of help from Ken)

 Frida managed to negotiate my drops offs for Open Studios at Romsey and Owselbury smoothly and avoid the crush for Boomtown. Anyway two weeks ago I was in a bit of a tiz about everything so I did the only reasonable thing and  left home….went  to Gateshead for a bit..fab trip to the Baltic which had some great art on show .

Ida Ekblad – junk but presented interesting way

Tony Swain- great paintings and collage on newspaper

Fiona Tan – huge truck and great film set to sound of narration from Marco Polo travel will follow just losing will to live with downloading next time ay!

Pink Ladies
Pink Ladies

So panic over I have delivered to open studios…Christine Watkins..who will again have great eclectic mix of stuff on show this year including yours truly… I was so pleased to be invited to show there. Had a great chat with Christine who is really lovely…if you are  around Romsey please go and see her at  her house..drop in for cake and a cuppa you won’t be disappointed!!  (Christine and John Slade – the sculptor who works next door will even provide  a map to help you negotiate all open studios around Romsey.)

Each cell has a specific meaning
Cell Works

Then I whizzed over to Owselbury  to drop more stuff –at the Granary Studios..where I am showing with ‘Room 6’.  Another  great mix of stuff, tea, cake and demos.  ( Hoping to make it to the New Forest to see you too Sarah.)

As well l as being at Open Studios over the next couple of weeks  I am helping Lyndsay Taylor at her workshop for Liss in Stitches..where I will be her slave for the day.  I am also trying to pull together a children’s  entry for the Steep Flower Show…got all the bits just need to put them together now…oh dear!! As well as looking after the kids I think I may have bitten off a bit more than I should have but what the hey…..nearly finished my pieces for the Flora Twort and had a great few enlightening hours at Fishbourne Palace learning about the’ Ashling Hoard’ from Professor Stuart Needham..loving jewelry they recovered..they liked making necklaces, big rings and huge bangles…wonder why it interests me so much? HMMM? More fodder for my exhibits!

Sussex Loop, Bronze Age | The Sussex Archaeological Society

Prehistory collection Sussex Loops

Also managed to cram in a bit of camping  WITH POSH CRISPS….though rain hampered our efforts somewhat so we packed up early and came home.

Anyway I have definitive list now that I appear to be on top next???? Bring it on.

PS hope Cornwall was good Sarah and inspirational.  Really miss not going there this year x

PPS  Christine Watkins 2 Albany Road SO51 8EE

22 August -31 August  10.30 til 6pm

‘Room6’ the Granary Studios Owselbury SO21 1LU 22-24 August  and 27th -31 August

10am  til 5pm

Or visit Hampshire Open Studios at for more info  on all the great places you can visit between  Saturday 22nd August and 31st August 2015

Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibition  open on 27th August thru til  1st September 2015

People of the Heath Exhibition Flora Twort Gallery , Petersfield –opens  8 September til ?!