Well blink and you missed it  … many years has it taken me to get here?????…If I look happy I was!! Great preview night thank you to everyone who came and all the great comments.  Highlights were my son..climbing on the chairs…..sshhh don’t tell the tutors, that wasn’t on my risk assessment and hanging his monkey off them… photo of him on him indoors phone not mine!  I quite like this and might build it in..interactive art  … love it!!

Anyway the exhibition is open   ’til Friday so you’ve still time to catch a great show….I wont be here on Thursday and Friday as  I have to teach. I will get all the lovely chairs back to the lovely people who leant me them ASAP! THANK YOU!!!

PS to everyone who wanted to buy my chairs..thank you!….but they need to be returned to their owners!!  However of you would like me to customise a chair you already have or would like me to source one for you and customise it them just email me..I really love doing it!  It was really interesting exploring a different way to display my textile work and drawings.

The whole show is really great… are few sneaky peaks…..


This is not going to be long blog as I’ve got a busy week.  Talk to the Solent Branch of the Embroiderers Guild was great last night even though my ruddy technology had a number of glitches towards the end..I’m better with sewing machine…..and I now need to zoom back to my studio  to finish the last pieces for the Rums Eg Private View next is on for a month for ‘Under the Microscope’…..all welcome to PV  next Tuesday a the gallery !  See you there.

Under the Microscope PV invite

I am also selling and exhibiting with  the Rural Refugee Network……one evening sale at Bordean House, Langrish…..  thats tommorow.  Oh my!!!  A great cause and most of the proceeds go to a really worth while charity with a small percentage going to the artists.

After all that I’m off the relax in Cornwall for week and build my WAH by musing round the the new expanded Tate Modern…and have a little think about what to next…. I have lots of food for thought …..oh and I’m also starting on a joint project for West Dean in the summer……watch this space ……

PS thanks for coming all the way to CHi yesterday Sarah..see you on Monday for our set up

PPS  Off to sit on the front desk again now.  If you do make it tomorrow or Friday really sorry I cant be there!

PPPs follow me on instagram on mycathasniceboots….. Ive got bet on with the teenager that I can get more follwers than she has,..looking unlikely a the mo!!!!!


oops forgot to post in all the eggscitement

image… this flipping being an artist ‘in the round ‘ is a bit like being a circus entertainer …more balls anyone? ( it’s supposed to be a juggling analogy but not sure it works!)   I am ok at doing the painty stuff but the outward media face thingy selling yourself stuff I not so good at… (just incase anyone else is reading apart from Sarah)…a bit over due with this post but here we go….Easter got in the way slightly. Last weekend started off brilliantly with the very poorly advertised (in my humble opinion anyway!) world textiles day in Wickham …….as no one at uni knew about it…  That has now been changed and its on the map for next year!!! Thank you Vicky! Everyone who lives.. oops I mean loves textiles (or do I?)  should go next year..they happen all over the country and are free events… talks cost £2 which is a flippin bargain!  The range of textiles on show was amazing and the stall holders  graciously allowed me and my two … (11 and 9 ) year old textile fans to touch…and were happy to explain about everything. The book lady was great and met Helen Murchie who sells amongst other things, beautiful cushions..we had a good chat about textiles in general and will look out for her at Brockenhurst…talks were really great…didn’t think I was going to get to listen to them but I bribed the kids with cake and a fiver to spend on the stalls in order to make them sit for an hour…we listened  to how baskets were brought from Ghana,  all about weaving and the puma claw design on textiles from Peru and John Gillow’s travels in Pakistan. It really was quite fascinating to hear the stories behind the businesses. Just incase the kids felt hard done by I bought them more cake afterwards and gave them my last three quid to spend on Chinese coins and a wooden stamp which I have since purloined…well I had to make up for not having enough cash to spend on books to make books. Yes, I know pure torture for me Sarah! (Alison and Teri were there too!)

Anyway check out …..the African Fabric Shop – Bob Irwin…go Canada!

Tukuru textiles – Meri Hunneyball – great name, really interesting talk and John Gillow….apologies for any typos and for pinching images from any websites without permission… I think everthing I heard was great and gladly support theses businesses!!!

John’s bolga baskets


Peruvian puma claw tho


Peruvian gourd – fantastic illustration
Traditional Ghanaian (?) dress
Can’t remember where from but it’s lovelly . Then I popped into the Granary Studios to wish Sue and Lyn good luck with their new venue and venture for textile work shops, I have signed up for a dress making course …I need to learn how to do stuff properly!!! They do loads of other stuff too. Finished the day.. .yes this is all in one day speeding home with my sat nav to help the boy cut this fantastic Lego cake…hey this is why I am not a cake designer.. It tasted good tho!
..what lies beneath..when Oreos come in handy

Then a busy week getting my final modules together for uni this year. No exhibition to do so just trying to pull all my background work together to tell a story. Now I’ve decided I need to take time out I am getting more into everything! Think it’s called being less stressed.  Really wish I could keep going. I do have a cunning plan ( watch this space! I have news Sarah. ) Spent a whole day prepping screens and hot pressing fabrics.. Great.  No photos here, as left screens and my portfolio at uni will post next time. Another  day spent screen printing and being experimental…..have been learning how to transfer my images to a screen using photocopies of my work…love the process. Have screen printed before but not using my own photo screened images. I love it!  Been experimenting with different dyes..don’t need to worry about colour fastness as not intending to wash so interesting to see what happens to the surface of the material. Was really scared to just go for it on the beautiful silk but in the end I bit the bullet and just went for it…want to but my own screens now…got to sell some stuff on eBay to fund….so worth it!! Have nearly forgotten I have lost one of my jobs!

Pretty good for a drop cloth eh?
Preparation is all
ribi’s jacket
There is some kantha on this..if you look really hard you might spot it.

The  facilities are really are amazing and it’s great to actually have the time to take advantage! image image

Also managed to make some frames….image image Now trying to see if stitch works on top of the silk or if I leave it alone….this is what I did with some extra bits I put onto painted calico the detail is lovely..the photos are sadly notimage

By the way Alison Hulme acrylic wax did not do the business although it did produce some interest interesting effects… ..just not the ones I wanted!!

PS have tickets now available for Jae Maries talk in June….just contact me if you want – £12 – interesting  talk with great cake…

PPS still looking for studio space…..

PPS and just incase Sarah, you think I have been neglecting familial duties,  I have managed to cram in three National Trust visits and two Easter egg hunts so there X

PPPS I did listen to your advice about getting someone to proof read my blog but I haven’t got anyone to do it so it is what it is! I am sure my huge readership will be forgiving.