I’m available for top gear….


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Just back from  the NEC Birmingham.  Had a great time at the show.  Just realised my photos are rubbish and don’t show all the work! But hey! Wish had been able to go up for longer. Worked out how to do selfie on new phone. Have permanently deleted the totally gross ones!

Managed to find the lovely ladies from  Juko….www.jukodesigns.co.uk and told them about their bag that appeared in my final year shows as well as in London, Dublin and Harrogate Knittting and Stitching Shows and  also more recently with cake exhibition at Southampton Art Gallery.   They sell beautiful weaving kits. (Photo at top of page can’t manage to manipulate and losing will to live with this blog so it’s staying where it is!) I made a bag up and put it in one of my acrylic boxes..along with other things that are precious to me…reminded me of the chat I had with one of the ladies last year about their business and how they kept going-  inspiring and kept me going!)They were chuffed and wanted me to send a photo of it…need to get a good one!!

Juko bag bottom right


Am so glad I only sold 5 of my boxes …going to hang on to them all now!

Lots of nice things to see.  Too many to mention – kept nipping round the corner to visit Susan Chapman,  liked Kim Thittachai’s Experimental Textiles..had seen the cloak on facebook- really touching story behind it…lots of nice sketch books too!  Also the ladies on stand opposite from Castanea were lovely! So friendly and a hoot into the bargain….maybe one day I can teach on their holidays? …heels you need oxygen for…was the quote of the day. They had rather nice chocolate fudge too.


imageTook this lovely photo of a kimono for my research- owned by the embroiders guild managed to knab Annette just before she packed it up..thank you for holding it!!   Strangely mine was at home when I got back….I can’t cut up up though! I will wear it. .Bought a rather lovely sewing kit of for  embroidered scissor savers from  Sue Hawkins (suehawkins.com).    Will post a picture when/if I ever finish it..off to wales in few weeks so thats what I will be doing in the evenings when I am not doing my own stuff…its called ‘eat your greens’.  Bought to remind me I need to give up wheat.  (Thanks Lyn)  Watch this space. Made sarah spend money on beautiful earrings by Harriet Stiles..she didn’t need much persuasion … I want a huge brooch!

Have bought rather a lot of paint too! Managed to push Lyn Onions off of ARt Van go stand for a little bit so I could have a play with their gelli plates…she was very generous..they are addictive!!  I have now bought my own.  Also managed to do a double act with both lyn and sarah…goodness only knows what the punters thought but it was fun! Builds wah… wah well and truely built up.  Also got my wonder web and some acid dyes to use with the children onplanets books that I am doing with them when I get back to work.. I will photo them and post!( is there anything that viv does not know about paint?!) am sure they will be the only 8 year olds in Hampshire using acid dyes and wonder web..need to get them while they are young!

And back to reality…to any talent scouts reading I am available to be a to be a tv presenter after Easter as I have more time on my hands but just incase  the call doesn’t come I am looking for my new direction. Still need to complete this semester and am looking for studio space.

Just had a talk from  Laura Ford at uni.  Fantastic pieces and so prolific..she reckons the trick is  to have  several things on the go at once….

Laura Ford
Image result for laura ford artist
Head Thinkers Laura Ford or how I feel now!
Days of Judgement Laura Ford
…so I have my top 4 /5 ideas and going to make a start on the two I am just thinking about… the others  are up and running…watch this space
  • the 60 dollar shirt ( this started life as the jacket!!) but has become a 60 dollar shirt thanks to the mad canadian
  • the women…yes I have started!!!
  • the calico circles….been thinking about for a while
  • the  flat boxes…ditto
  • 5 more drawing!!!

Had tutorial and was posted in the direction of Richard Diebenkorm image‘notes to self’ … they are definately worth a look! And just to say I have always tolerated cha0s…my other half keeps tidying it up though.

PS have actively been looking for a studio

PPS been trying to workout what workshops I can do…

PPPS I want to see your fantasy hat Sarah…perhaps Laura Ford can inspire…look at her girls with guns…