Forgive me dear reader it’s been 60 days

since my last  blogsession however I am still image Perhaps it was the post prandial seasonal lull..but I haven’t been totally dormant.. I’ve started  an artist’s page and I’ve been making a lot of stuff . So with  the glut of blue cheese and gin and too much Xmas cake a distant memory I am back in the blogosphere? (and arent you happy about that!!)   Reading Nicky Barfoot’s blogs has made me laugh thru january , well feel happy then get terribly depressed when i realise i should be blogging too and that I need to get back into the saddle…. she’s also managed to provide me with displacement activities…good and  not I  should be doing other things!!!! Check out her post on the textile challenge……and reader, I  did enter..heres my ‘Patch’ original huh!! You bought patches to make something.. Gedditt?????

image Anyway the good news is he sold and made lots of dosh for the canine trust..really was fun to make …….


So what else  have  been doing..well .Ive been making something that I’m not allowed to talk about..more in my next blog, and have been finishing my’ grays anatomy’ work for Birmingham in March …

Have  pilfered loads of grey stuff ……

Heres a preview it’s all about the body and have taken a lot of inspiration from grays anatomy……Ralph Steadman  evidently used to use it a lot too!!!!!

steadmanI love his work and the exhibition at the discovery centre last month was absolutely amazing!!!

imagealso been finishing off my piece for the Embroiderers’ Guild on the celebration of 300 years of Capability Brown…heres a sneak preview.


Check out the Embroiderers’ Guild site for information of exhibtions across the country happening near you.   I based my piece on Uppark, Petworth  and  Hills Garden in Horsham.  Went to great exhibtion in a little museum and art gallery there which has uncovered original maps by Brown. Was particularly drawn to this as it was pushed foward by a formidible woman called Frances Irwin, illegitimate and widowed. I really liked the strong female connection. There was also a  fab piece about him on the Gardening Show on radio 4 a few Fridays ago so my sketch book filled nicely and gave me lots of ideas.  I still needed to wait a while to dream about what I was going to do…don’t ask…….  And my sewing machine is on the blink again but I still managed to do something..

47563890384dc56f841216a1c7f282e3Another reason for lack of blog is I have had to take on another paying job to keep me going on the art front but there are  lots of nice things in the pipe line and, as a good friend said to me,  Jan and Feb are the most miserable months and the best time to work lots.  I’m also still in touch with uni and hoping to finish my degree next year, so I delayed the module I was going to do this term so can work to earn money to pay for the module..isnt that a 220px-Catch22?

As my on line shop is suspiciously quiet at the moment, I am reading this at the mo!!!!image

Dont you just love the title….Need to work out where my market is first…doesn’t seem to be in Petersfield!!! ah well someone in Midhurst loves me…they bought Patch!

Also been to Bedales to see the Tate travelling exhibition of the Matisse cut outs.. so lucky to get it here in Petersfield

Started back at my life classes the other week doing two classes a month…..

I have been procrastinating a lot but procrastination can be seen as thinking and I do keep doodling in my sketch book so it’s all good…. Keep the faith… And all that jazz…

Looking  forward to exhibiting at the Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta in April and have some workshops planned at the Ashcroft Centre in Fareham. I will also be taking part in Open Studios again in August, will be exhibting closer to home too this time Petersfield with ‘the art group collective’

Ps Sarah..him in doors has just bought me a bike from somewhere in the new you think he’s trying to tell me something? we need to pick it up..when are you around?

PPs thank you for all the grey stuff A..its being put to very good use…….