and here’s one I made earlier……

Hi di hi campers.. I’m having real problems to remember to blog..must be an age thing…I keep writing them and then not publishing..which is not great if your trying to keep up a blog…however I’ve been stressing about it too much… so as they say on Blue Peter..if they still do that is…here’s one I made earlier… .. I hope it will be of there’s some great info in it……I’m also creating a new website at uni which is very exciting …watch out for the changes!

I was recently asked by the Embroiderers Guild to be involved in a working group to promote stitch in schools and also promote the Campaign for Creativity.  As a result I went along to the Knitting and Stitching Show in London’s Alexandra Palace to help ‘woman’ the Campaign’s Stand and raise awareness about its’ aims.   People visiting the stand could come along and sew their names on to a textile petition and hear more about it.The Campaign for Creativity is an initiative organised and promoted by Twisted Thread and supported by the Embroiderers’ Guild.  Its’ aims are to help provide more and better opportunities at school for children to be creative and to think creatively and believes that the rigid nature of the national curriculum does not provide enough opportunity or time for children to express themselves creatively and artistically.  There are many good reasons to support this campaign, it involves a petition which needs 100,000  signatures in order to trigger a debate in Parliament which could potentially effect real change.  There are around 5000 signatures on the petition to date – so there is a long way still to go!! Let’s help create the debate.  If you haven’t signed up yet, then please do! You could  embroider your name on to small pieces of calico and send it into the Campaign to be attached to the textile ‘stitch-tition’.  This is the visual side of the petition – the one where your signature counts towards the 100,000 needed, is on line.  Please go to… and sign up!  The ‘stitch-tition’ that was started at the Knitting and Stitching Show 2017 will go on display at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show 2018 at Olympia.

I also want to mention here  Morsbags – I met Claire Morseman whilst I was at the great British Sewing Bee  – now there’s something  worth knowing about…I cant tell you how amazing I think this project is..again free or cheap to take part in and makes you feel good inside…. google them – an environmental cause well worth promoting!  Lets ditch the plastic! Being a skint student I’m always up for things like this!!

thread bearing witness..stitch a tree

Another thing I’m loving is the Alice Kettle project  Thread Bearing Witness to raise the plight of displaced people.  Get involved!  You’ve got ’til April to stitch a tree..  its easy, enjoyable, for a good cause and will be great to be involved in a national art project which will be displayed in at least two large galleries,the Whitworth in Manchester and Winchester Discovery Centre.

Meanwhile I am continuing my studies and continuing to experience as always a lot of seredipity.    There was fabulous programme on Mexican art on the BBC in December (The Art That Made Mexico) which showed the wonderful Las Posas Gardens which I used as inspirationfor my piece of work in West Dean last summer…it was  followed by a complimentary programme  -Hand Made in Mexico- on the intricate embroidery used to decorate the colourful huipitls worn, made and embroidered by Mexican women. I was really interested in how the women transferred their designs.  Very similar to the prick and pounce method of design transfer used in English embroidery  –  and also of interest as I am currently teaching some workshops using the Japanese technique of Sashiko whose modern day interpretations use a variety of methods to transfer designs across to materials.   Talking of serendipity I was lucky enough to be given a ticket (thank you mad canadian!) for a very special theatre production at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester last month which was about the life and times of surrealist artist Roland Penrose and his wife and partner – war photographer Lee Miller – a truly remarkable woman. The connection is that West Dean holds the archive of some of photographs used in the performance and Edward James was a close friend to Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.  The performance, a one off, was very personal – as it was written and presented by Roland and Lee’s son, Antony.  It was really rather wonderful and I felt uplifted and inspired afterwards.  I am still pursuing themes of feminism and identity in my own work…watch out for a bit of surrealism thrown in for good measure from now on.


So you missed my blether…..

well I had another one up my sleeve just for you!

Ther week has ended with this…

White walling at Art One for degree show
White walling at Art One for degree show


Can't fit anymore in...
Can’t fit anymore in…

but began like this….

..after taking down my studio space last week…it’s still mostly in the car boot..unfortunately didn’t manage to sneak it past him indoors as he helped me get it into the car…so he actually knows how much c..p I need to get back in to the house.  Does anyone know any altruistic patrons out there who would like to give me a studio space in Petersfield for  6 months or so for a nominal fee? I can move out quickly! The search is definitely on.  If this year has taught me one thing it is that  I need a space to work in…game on…

Can't fit much more in...
Things pretty tight here too….by the way this is the other bit of the same room not another room!!!

I got  two more screens printed of which I managed to wash away with the pressure washer..oops…then made ten purses.. and after thatI spent Friday felting and drinking tea in the new forest with sarah waters..(didn’t I Sarah?..look what we made…very creative!!)

Can’t get photo off my phone put yours on sarah..sorry!

imageI had intended to go to the Pallant Open House  onSaturday but got waylaid  by birthday shopping expedition with 12 year old  going on 21 year old…so instead spent time in New Look and Hennes, Claires  and Accessorise..very inspirational.

What I missed…

Wood Engraving and the Brook Green School
Wood Engraving and the Brook Green School
Leon Underwood: Figure and Rhythm
Alice Kettle: Odyssey

along with free coffee and workshops….

…what I got….

Strangely it is very hard to download pictures of H & M stores and Claires Accessories..funny that!!! However the experience is imprinted on my mind so only wanted them for the benefit of you dear reader – you’ll have to make do without#!!
Sunday went to Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta to see Caroline Bell and Alison Hulme.  Lovely show.   Really glad I made the trip.  Bumped into Sue Hawkins who had a stand there and told her had made her  scissor saver up.   Said hello to Fay  Maxwell.  Hadn’t seen her for ages – she inspired me to do the art college thing when she showed me her lovely sketch books and let me spend a day with her in her studio…showed me how to make cords too!!!
Alison Hulme Textiles
Caroline Bell Textiles


Needle Work Fiesta
Beautiful quilt at the Fiesta….












The great hing about going to a show like this is that it really fires me up.  I want to make loads of things with my materials and be creative.  Have got a  definitive list of things to make up this week…started with another cell work picture and going to make some more things to sell as well as two more exhibition pieces which will be shown at Eastleigh College and Romsey Abbey later this year.



Monday, went to Ramster with Abi. Every two years Ramster hosts an exhibition of textile artwork.  Its on until 30 Apr 2015 17:00 Google Calendar  - Ramster Embroidery and  Textile Art Exhibition - 2015-04-17 10:00:00 Yahoo Calendar - Ramster Embroidery and  Textile Art Exhibition - 2015-04-17 10:00:00 Hotmail / Windows Live Calendar - Ramster Embroidery and  Textile Art Exhibition - 2015-04-17 10:00:00 iCalendar - Ramster Embroidery and  Textile Art Exhibition - 2015-04-17 10:00:00 .  Abi and I are  applying next time..wonder if we’ll get in?   Actually I shouldn’t have said anything cos if wedon’t now you’ll know!   Jane Simms from Liss in SticheS was successful there as was Consuleo Simpson(room6).  Sorry no photographs of their work as  I was too stingy to pay for the photo pass…these are from the Ramster website…

Lovely hall to hang work in
these figures were lovely
sorry no idea who..great colours tho!
P.S only joking this is in my kitchen!
P.S only joking this is in my kitchen!