open studios has been and gone…

haven’t been blogging cos I haven’t had time…here’s a quickie…..
image image
image image imageimageDid stint at open studios ……lovely work from Caroline Bell Lynn Onions Alison Hulme Consuelo Simpson and Sue Chapman as well as yours truely…AKA Room 6

i was also showing at Chritine Watkins in Romsey…most of my work is still for sale..funny that?????.Call me if your’e interested!!!  need to buy more materials….and school shoes!!!


Sold a picture at Petersfield Arts and Crafts Exhibition and got a highly commended.  Thank you very much!imageNext I will be exhibiting at the Flora Twort People of the Heath Exhibition.  No photos as I am without access to internet at home and have handed all my work in…why do internet providers always tell you there will be no problems when you change? What’s worse is you believe them!!  the picture above is the start of my second version..i ripped the first one up!  there will be an interactive piece form me too!

Opening night is Monday.  See you there!


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