Memory Loss in Women Over 40

Memory loss 1: can I just say a huge thank you to Sarah ( who managed to help me with a password I can actually remember so that don’t need to change it every time I write a new blog!  Memory loss 2: realised I didn’t add half the photos I should have for my last blog.  Here they areimage

My life in boxes
My life in boxes


memory loss 3: went all the way to Chichester yesterday to see the MA Fine Art Show.  Got to the car park,  forgot purse so no money to park,  forgot cash card and cash card number so no access to potential cash,  the building was empty apart from two electricians who kindly informed me that there was no one there and no one to ask about the show.  Soooooo helpful! I am at the moment supporting a rather large bandage on my left leg and hobbling severely but this did not manage to elicit any further help.  Gave up!  Drove to West Dean, had emergency coffee ( scrabbled around and found  money!) and sewed two more boxes in the gardens.  Peace and equilibrium restored before getting lost around Westbourne looking for a science course….0h dear…


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